Mike Hofrichter
PO Box 24
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Phone (360) 457-0958
email mikehof@prodigy.net

I have been chinking log homes for 10 years. Since 1993, I've chinked nearly 100 homes in the Northwest: traditional chink style, milled and handcrafted "chinkless" style, and half log or plank siding. I can refer someone to a home in the area to see a sample of my work and get an idea of the colors and details.

The pleasure of the work I do is working with homeowners who are very involved in the design, construction, finishing and decorating of their homes.

A log home is rarely just another house. I am very fussy about the appearance and details of the work that I do and log homeowners always appreciate that. The most common comment I hear, even with chinkless style homes that have been occupied for years is: "now it looks finished".

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Chinkless Style
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